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Mar 28, 2018

With issues #5 and #6, Morrison's Animal Man really becomes Morrison's Animal Man. "The Coyote Gospel" and "Birds of Prey" can be read as a dialogue between masochistic (#5) and sadistic (#6) theories of aesthetics, and, together, they constitute a web of theodicy which the remainder of the narrative may or may not be striving to escape/correct/warp (via the Morrisonian stratagem of infinite narrative egress? More on that later...).   


Intro Song:

New Kingdom - "Horse Latitudes"


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Finally, as suggested by listener Jay, here's an Amazon link to Dave's time travel novel, Hypocritic Days (published by Insomniac Press), which is set in the pulp magazine and film worlds of the early 1930s. Please do let us know if you check it out.

Original Another Kind of Distance artwork by Lee McClure