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Aug 31, 2018

Elise and Dave are back for round two of the Wetsuited Wonder's adventures in hypersensory slumberland. It's a rough ride, as Morrison and Cameron Stewart make you believe a duplicitous readymade best pal can make you cry; introduce a whole new generation of colourfully callow caperers; and toss the notion of externally...

Aug 25, 2018

Join Ronald Reagan behind enemy lines in a North Korean prison camp so terrifyingly coercive, even the U.S. Military did not want the public to see it! Filmed with the full cooperation of the Pentagon, the Cold War brass revoked their imprimatur after viewing the final product. You might say this one was declared...

Aug 22, 2018

Your hosts round out their coverage of Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart's Seaguy Volume 1 by circling back into Dave's blogospheric past (in the excellent company of Rose, Steven, David, Sean, and Patrick).  

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"Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)" - Cowboy Junkies

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Aug 18, 2018

Episode 5A: Sergeant Murphy (1938)


Bryan Foy's B-movie unit at Warner Brothers churned out some of the best bottom-of-the-bill features of the late 1930s, but B. Reeves Eason's "Horseratio Alger" tale Sergeant Murphy is kind of a nag. Nevertheless, this seldom seen army/racing/equine buddy film is a crucial item in...

Aug 17, 2018

When you live, when you die, here comes a podcast on Seaguy!


Intro Song:

"Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)" - Cowboy Junkies

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