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Jun 3, 2018

At last, it's the Revanchist Left American Studies project you've been pining for since November 4, 1980! Join Romy, Gareth and David on a vitriolic voyage through Ronald Reagan's filmic oeuvre.

Consider this an audio cease-and-desist missive to the hordes of "#Resistance" tweeters who've seen fit to critique the Trump regime with soothing prune-faced Gipper memes. Ronald Reagan was not a "moderate", and the fact that anyone in our cohort thinks he was only goes to demonstrate the magnitude of his grim hegemonic coup. The time has come to reclaim the discourse from the criminals who plopped The Great Communicator atop the electoral Christmas Tree in the Fall of 1980, and have been hogging 99% of the gifts ever since. 

Our humble thesis? Want to deploy Reagan against Trump and late capitalism? Go to it! Just use his filmography instead. 

Or, better yet, let us do it for you. 

Expect the first episode in mid-June, 2018!