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Aug 19, 2022

Our Special Subject for August is also our first look at German filmmaking under the Nazis, with two mid-1930s films by left-wing director and future Hollywood auteur Douglas Sirk: The Girl from the Marsh Croft, based on the novel by Selma Lagerlöf, and Pillars of Society, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen. We consider the question of how it was possible to make liberal films under these circumstances and find early evidence of Sirk's interest in "split characters" and unconventional protagonists. 


Time Codes:

0h 1m 00s:        Introductory discussion on Sirk at UFA during the 1933 to 1937 period

0h 13m 15s:      THE GIRL FROM THE MARSH CROFT (1935) [dir. Douglas Sirk]

0h 38m 15s:      PILLARS OF SOCIETY (1936) [dir. Douglas Sirk]



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