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Jun 27, 2017


In the words of Lynch kindred spirit Kate Bush, “Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Unbelievable.” Discussed: Lynch's new way of problematizing 1950s “innocence” in the course of opening up Laura Palmer's story to a broader social and metaphysical world. Elise talks Lynch's psychosexual biography and advances her...

Jun 20, 2017

S03E07 prompts us to ask such questions as: why does the FBI need a woman to verify whether Mr. C is Coop? Squeeze his what off? Who's Billy? Is there a Billy? Does he know Linda? Do they ever talk about Judy? Why does Andy still have a job as an officer of the law? Does Norma ever take a break from doing the accounts?...

Jun 13, 2017



1/3 of the way through! S3E6 prompts us to ask such questions as, What are David Lynch's feelings about cowboys? How about lamps? Which Douglas Sirk rich asshole does Richard Horne most resemble? Does Dave have weird gender stuff he needs to deal with? Is fire a good thing now? And especially, is there a more tender...

Jun 6, 2017

We're in deeper than Jacoby this time!


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