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Jun 20, 2017

S03E07 prompts us to ask such questions as: why does the FBI need a woman to verify whether Mr. C is Coop? Squeeze his what off? Who's Billy? Is there a Billy? Does he know Linda? Do they ever talk about Judy? Why does Andy still have a job as an officer of the law? Does Norma ever take a break from doing the accounts? Can sweeping up bar debris be Transcendental? And how is creamed corn made, anyway?

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Intro Sound Collage:    0:00 to 2:03

Discussion:                  2:03 to end

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Finally, as suggested by listener Jay, here's an Amazon link to Dave's time travel novel, Hypocritic Days (published by Insomniac Press), which is set in the pulp magazine and film worlds of the early 1930s. Please do let us know if you check it out.

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Special appearance by: P.J. Harvey, "Sheela-na-gig"