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Dec 15, 2014

Season's Greetings from Another Kind of Distance!

We've got an extra special (or, at any rate, an extra long) episode for you this time out.

Our chronogically confused Christmas begins with the great Alastair Sim version of Dickens' Christmas Carol, which hit British screens as Scrooge  in 1951.

Then we try our hands at giving out wings by wringing all of the meaning we can out of one of the finest Hollywood films ever made: Frank Capra's It's Wonderful Life (1946). 

We 'd write more, but you've got a lot of listening to do here, so we don't want to detain you.

External Reference Section (Sublime to Ridiculous Edition):

1. Elise Moore alluded to George Toles's book of film essays, A House Made of Light, which features one of her favourite essays on Capra's film

2. Meanwhile, David Fiore mentioned this not-really-a-gem from Saturday Night Live

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And remember, through the years, we all will be together.