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Apr 7, 2016

Elise Moore and David Fiore settle in for their final kick at the 11.22.63 can, with a discussion of the climactic episode 8 - "The Day in Question". The series finale is a mixed bag of praiseworthy camera work, interesting acting choices, and a fair number of self-defeating writing decisions (some of which have their roots in the novel, others of which can be blamed squarely on the people who are responsible for the strange ballad of Jake and Bill Turcotte). For the first time in forever, the duo get a chance to sink their teeth into the oft-soft pedalled time travel elements of the story - will they enjoy the meal? Dave fumes over political developments which are nearly as ludicrous as the 2016 Primaries; Elise promotes Elder Love; and together they begin to sketch out their ideas for a second podcast feed that will tackle pop culture in all of its non-time travel manifestations. Excelsior! And now that it's all over, please do check in and let us know how Hulu's adaptation of Stephen King's novel fared in your estimation.


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1min 30 secs "The Day in Question"


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Finally, as suggested by listener Jay, here's an Amazon link to Dave's time travel novel, Hypocritic Days (published by Insomniac Press), which is set in the pulp magazine and film worlds of the early 1930s. And the book is now available for Kindle! Please do let us know if you check it out.

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Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs, "Stay" 

Original Another Kind of Distance artwork by Lee McClure