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Apr 18, 2018

The Crisis-straddling origin fun continues with Animal Man #11 and #12. The aliens make their move, performing some snazzy edits on the continuum and applying a well-deserved eraser to Orientalism; Buddy learns some new tricks; Ellen forgets her kids and disappears, leaving a shattered coffee cup on the...

Apr 14, 2018

Sorry we're a bit late this week, but Elise and Dave had a lot to digest here, what with the unprecedented narratological developments Morrison began cooking up for Animal Man's Post-Crisis (and Pre-Crisis? How about Pan-Crisis?) origin epic. Let's unravel, shall we?


Intro Song:

New Kingdom - "Horse Latitudes"



Apr 4, 2018

The series continues its Invasion!-induced episodic phase in issues #7 and #8. First up, we get the Red Mask, a Morrisonian take on a Watchmanesque sadsack; then it's time to meet the new, improved, 100% more Glaswegian post-Crisis Mirror Master! Dave drops some none-too subtle hints about the shadowy shard of Buddy...