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May 2, 2018

Two great issues for you this time as Morrison charts the agony of the human (and dolphin) condition on a graph (where the X-axis is social, the Y-axis is existential). In #15, Buddy (and friends) plunge headlong into the deep waters of political violence and cultural imperialism. In #16, time and mortality themselves take the lead role in bedeviling our players. There's no shortage of things to talk about, and very little to feel certain about (other than the emotional impact of these two very different tales). The discussion ranges widely, even encompassing several films by one of the great unsung directors of the Studio Age (William Dieterle).

Speaking of William Dieterle - check out Elise's essay on the brilliant Portrait of Jennie (1948) in (online) issue #58 of Bright Wall/Dark Room

Intro Song:

New Kingdom - "Horse Latitudes"

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Finally, as suggested by listener Jay, here's an Amazon link to Dave's time travel novel, Hypocritic Days (published by Insomniac Press), which is set in the pulp magazine and film worlds of the early 1930s. Please do let us know if you check it out.

Original Another Kind of Distance artwork by Lee McClure