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Jul 26, 2019

Paroled for good behaviour, the Scorpion heads straight for Manhattan for another go at completing his dumb bucket list (rob bags of money; take over the rackets; maybe kill Spider-Man). Do the authorities allow him to reclaim his singularly stinger-less tail? Of course they do. Long time listeners will be used to this by now. Marvel-USA’s Second Amendment covers assault suits. Along the way, Scorp meets up with The Jackal, who seems to know a lot of things about our hero that he shouldn’t. Together, these two green creeps really put Spidey through his paces – providing Peter a conveniently calisthenic means of clinging to his sanity while the mystery of this new Gwen (same as the old Gwen?) unfolds.    

Credits: Intro music:

Debbie Harry - "Comic Books"