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Sep 17, 2021

Our Summer in France series concludes with a look at the dynamic duo of poetic realism, director Marcel Carné and screenwriter Jacques Prévert. We discuss their first collaboration, Jenny (1936), and two noirish Oedipal fever dreams, Le quai des brumes (1938) and Le jour se lève (1939). We also look at a Carné film from the period in which Prévert was not involved, Hôtel du Nord (1938), and find both continuity with and difference from the surrounding films. Proletariats, perversion, the death drive, romantic love, and existential isolation: it's everything you ever wanted from a Summer in France. 


0h 01m 00s:      Introduction to Carné     

0h 16m 46s:      LE JOUR SE LÈVE (1939) [dir. Marcel Carné]                

0h 50m 00s:      HÔTEL DU NORD (1938) [dir. Marcel Carné]     

1h 07m 52s:      QUAI DES BRUMES (1938)  [dir. Marcel Carné]

1h 29m 00s:      JENNY (1936) [dir. Marcel Carné]



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