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May 19, 2023

Our Special Subject this month is the films of Jacqueline Audry, a fairly recently rediscovered postwar French director. We watched all of the films we could find with English subtitles: Gigi (1949), Olivia (1951), Huis clos/No Exit (1954), and Les petits matins/Hitch-Hike (1962). From literary adaptations of some strong and scandalous material to an unusually gentle New Wave comedy, these films reveal a director who tackles the erotic frankly but not uncritically. We also have a Fear and Moviegoing in Toronto segment this week, in which we share our wildly divergent opinions on the Bob Fosse musical Sweet Charity. Can Shirley MacLaine do what Daniel Day-Lewis could not and save this unnecessary musical adaptation of a Fellini movie?

Time Codes:

0h 00m 45s:      Introducing Jacqueline Audry & Colette

0h 15m 49s:      GIGI (1949) [dir. Jacqueline Audry]

0h 31m 28s:      OLIVIA (1951) [dir. Jacqueline Audry]

0h 53m 14s:      HUIS CLOS (1954) [dir. Jacqueline Audry]

1h 03m 43s:      LES PETITS MATINS  (1962) [dir. Jacqueline Audry]     

1h 07m 01s:      Fear and Moviegoing in Toronto – Sweet Charity (1969) by Bob Fosse



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