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Mar 26, 2021

RKO 1935: we look at a couple of starring vehicles for two of the Queens of the Lot. First up is Anne Shirley in the deliberately slight and quietly charming Chasing Yesterday, paired with another father figure, O. P. Heggie (also her kindred spirit in the previous year's Anne of Green Gables, from which she took her screen name and which was also directed by George Nicholls Jr.). Then, the not-at-all-quiet Break of Hearts, directed by Philip Moeller (or Jane Loring?), in which Katharine Hepburn's dewy-idealed aspiring composer and Charles Boyer's jaded superstar conductor engage in psychosexual warfare. Dave goes to bat for this unloved Hepburn vehicle and its unique view of female artistry. Should Berman get the credit again? 

Time Codes:

0h 01m 00s:                  CHASING YESTERDAY (dir. George Nicholls Jr.)

0h 43m 17s:                 BREAK OF HEARTS (dir. Philip Moeller)                          


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