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Sep 24, 2021

For this pass at Warner Bros. 1937, we have two more vehicles for Dave's favourite actress, Kay Francis: Confession, Joe May's scene-for-scene remake of the German melodrama Mazurka; and Michael Curtiz's Stolen Holiday, a version of the Stavisky affair with Francis, Claude Rains, and Ian Hunter making up the Curtiz Triangle and Orry-Kelly, as usual, fearlessly emphasizing the outré bodies of Warner's female stars. How do you prefer to see Kay Francis: as a sort of combination of Stella Dallas and the Michael Douglas character from Fatal Attraction, mowing down Basil Rathbone in the name of Sacred Motherhood? Or inspiring Claude Rains to discover unsuspected depths of decency with her talent for unconditional friendship? The beauty of this episode is: you don't have to choose. 


Time Codes:

0h 01m 00s:                 Warner Bros. 1937 Studio Data 

0h 04m 02s:                 CONFESSION (dir. Joe May)   

0h 33m 49s:                 STOLEN HOLIDAY (dir. Michael Curtiz)


Studio Film Capsules provided by Clive Hirschhorn’s The Warner Brothers Story

Additional studio information from: The Hollywood Story by Joel W. Finler



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