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Sep 20, 2017

Our ridiculous podcast goes from the Sublime to the Sublime with a new project - covering Grant Morrison's DOOM PATROL. We begin with the first half (DOOM PATROL volume 2 #19 and #20) of Morrison's inaugural 4-part tale, "Crawling From the Wreckage".

Keep your beautiful bits about you and watch out for falling appliances, dear friends!

Errata - Elise wants everyone to know that she is very well aware that George Perez did that late-80s WONDER WOMAN series without the Wolfman, and Dave is just mortified that he mixed up FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL and SHOWCASE for a little while there...

Theme song: The Revelators - "Don't Look at me When I'm Looking at You"  

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Finally, as suggested by listener Jay, here's an Amazon link to Dave's time travel novel, Hypocritic Days (published by Insomniac Press), which is set in the pulp magazine and film worlds of the early 1930s. Please do let us know if you check it out.