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Feb 26, 2017

Elise and Dave look at a milestone issue of The New Teen Titans, No. 8, “A Day in the Lives,” and have a few nits to pick. We ask searching questions, like: is Wonder Girl's feminism consistently presented? (Answer: no, because the comics have to have as many hot babes in them as possible.) Did George Perez make a mistake when he drew college student Wally West's humble middle-class Blue Valley home as a mansion? (Answer: no, because DC comics need everybody to be super stinking rich.) We agree that Vic Stone has the best moments (finally) from this run of numbers 7-9. On either side of the centerpiece, The Fearsome Five return, and there's some even campier stuff with board member-murdering puppets.

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Audio Credits:

Intro music: Debbie Harry - "Comic Books"

Interstitials: Art Brut - "DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake" 

Outro: Ookla the Mok - "Stop Talking About Comic Books (Or I'll Kill You)"