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Sep 20, 2019

Join Dave and Elise for episode one of our (near-)complete filmography series on the great Jennifer Jones (née Phylis Isley). We provide a few preliminary thoughts re: our take on the Jones/Selznick synergy and then dive right into the films. Song of Bernadette kicks things off with quite a blessed bang, situating our star at the conceptual vanishing point between the instinctual and the ineffable; while the following year’s Since You Went Away dabbles with domesticating the Jones persona (as a nod to the war effort, y’know), for the first and perhaps the only time.    


Time Codes:

0h 1m 00s:       Introduction to Jennifer Jones

0h 16m 15s:     Song of Bernadette (1943) dir. Henry King

1h 21m 37s:     Since You Went Away (1944) dir. John Cromwell

2h 19m 38s:     Listener Mail with Todd Murry


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