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Jan 6, 2023

There's Sometimes a Buggy says hello to 2023 and goodbye to Acteur Jean Arthur with three movies by three auteurs (Virginia Van Upp, Billy Wilder, and George Stevens): The Impatient Years (1944), A Foreign Affair (1948), and Shane (1953). Elise decides in real time that The Impatient Years, a sour mid-40s comedy of remarriage, is a great comedy because it's not very funny (using another Shakespeare reference to get there). We discuss the geopolitical context of Wilder's remarkable A Foreign Affair, agreeing that Arthur's persona in it has nothing to do with Capra; and George Stevens' leftist de-bunking of certain myths of the Western genre in Shane. And speaking of Shakespeare, in Fear and Moviegoing in Toronto we revisit a Gen X classic that neither of us had seen in about 20 years, Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juilet, which prompts Elise to perceive the resemblance between Leonardo DiCaprio and Joan Crawford. 

Time Codes:

0h 1m 00s:        THE IMPATIENT YEARS (1944) [dir. Irving Cummings]

0h 26m 45s:      A FOREIGN AFFAIR (1948) [dir. Billy Wilder]

1h 03m 45s:      SHANE (1953) [dir. George Stevens]

1h 20m 56s:      Elise & Dave’s Top 10 Jean Arthur films

1h 24m 09s:      Fear and Moviegoing in Toronto: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S ROMEO + JULIET (1996) [dir. Baz Luhrmann]



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