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Feb 28, 2020

LONELY WIVES (dir. Russell Mack) meet KEPT HUSBANDS (dir. Lloyd Bacon) in our RKO 1931 episode of The Studios Year-by-Year. Edward Everett Horton sex farce or battle-of-the-sexes melodrama-played-for-farce—this one has got it all. And in our Moviegoing in Toronto section, a Mary Pickford and Clara Bow double feature has us thinking about feisty Victorian maidens and heroic modern gals.

Time Codes:

0h 01m 00s:          Kept Husbands (dir: Lloyd Bacon)

0h 29m 44s:          Lonely Wives (dir. Russell Mack)     

0h 56m 04s:         

Winter cinemagoing: ROSITA (1923; dir: Ernst Lubitsch) @ TIFF Lightbox; IT (1927; dirs: Clarence G. Badger & Josef von Sternberg) @ The Fox Theatre; THE NAKED SPUR (1953; dir: Anthony Mann) @ TIFF Lightbox; THE STRANGE CASE OF ANGELICA (2010; dir: Manoel de Oliveira) @ TIFF Lightbox


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