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May 24, 2019

It’s the return of the venerable Vulture! Or is it? The answer lies at the end of two of the least consequential comics in the Conway canon!

With the impassioned reactions to issues #121 and #122 ebbing out of the lettercols and the magnificent madness of the Jackal era just ahead, this disposable duology felt like something of an oxygen-depleted breather. Mary Jane Watson’s involvement in these proceedings is particularly baffling – and, frankly, best excised from your memory.

Still, Elise and Dave found a fair bit to interest them in the issues, including: Peter and Harry’s roommate cold war collapsing into maniacal antagonism; more fun with the Spidermobile; Peter's brazen disregard of secret-identity security; the author's sly Vietnam and Watergate allusions; our hero's Ditkoesque judgmental streak; the return of Stan Lee’s long-lost Soapbox; and a host of seedy novelty items on offer in the pages between the panels (Raquel Welch pillow anyone?)

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Debbie Harry - "Comic Books"