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Apr 26, 2019

This time on the podcast, an enigmatic telegram lures Peter Parker north to Montreal, where he hopes to decipher the secret of Doc Ock’s sudden fixation on Aunt May. Instead, our hero gets caught between Bruce Banner’s bad-tempered alter-ego and the military-industrial neurotic known as “Thunderbolt” Ross. Among the casualties are a property lawyer named Rimbaud and Expo 67’s far-famed geodesic dome (3 years before a real fire wrecked it in our dimension). Also: Peter checks in with Gwendolyn and learns that poor old Harry’s been “backflashing” again + artist Gil Kane makes a triumphant return to the mag.

Meanwhile in the paratext:

Mixed-up Marvel gets so bent out of shape by its early-‘70s expansion that both months fly by completely bulletin-less! Fortunately, there’s a majestic MJ-centric missive from Lindy Marie Cauley in the lettercol to make up for it.   

Credits: Intro music:

Debbie Harry - "Comic Books"