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Mar 30, 2019

This week, Elise and Dave embark upon a new adventure in seriality with the first of 20 episodes or so on Gerry Conway’s increasingly beloved run on Amazing Spider-Man! Marvel majordomo Stan Lee’s ascent to the executive ranks in 1972 left a gaping hole on the scribe side of the company’s most prestigious splash page credit marquee. Enter one 20-year old fabulist, fresh from his trials on Daredevil, Thor, and Sub-Mariner, and eager to make his mark on a title chronicling the life and loves of a protagonist similarly situated at the dawn of his first post-teen decade. Issues #111 and #112 bear the distinguished imprimatur of artist/storyteller “Jazzy” Johnny Romita, with Conway merely kibitzing in the balloons and the boxes; but that apprenticeship would come to a heart-stopping close with #121.  

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Debbie Harry - "Comic Books"