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May 14, 2021

We look at four noirish British films distributed in the United States by Eagle-Lion: Waterloo Road (1945, directed by Sidney Gilliat), I See a Dark Stranger (1946, directed by Frank Launder), The October Man (1947, directed by Roy Ward Baker), and The Blue Lamp (1950, directed by Basil Dearden). We explore the mental and physical landscape of wartime and postwar England and such subjects as militant Irish politics, English policing, and scapegoating as dramatic structure and social reality, and evaluate the performance of Dirk Bogarde's hair. 


Time Codes:

0h 01m 00s:                  Brief Eagle-Lion Preamble

0h 04m 56s:                  WATERLOO ROAD (1945) [dir. Sidney Gilliat]   

0h 30m 46s:                  I SEE A DARK STRANGER (1946) [dir. Frank Launder]

0h 58m 20s:                  THE OCTOBER MAN (1947) [dir. Roy Ward Baker]

1h 22m 16s:                  THE BLUE LAMP (1950) [dir. Basil Dearden]                         


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