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Sep 8, 2018

In yet another cinematic variation on the Earp legend, some John McCain-Republican types enlist the Gipper to clamp down on the wrong kind of vice and chicanery in Cottonwood, Arizona. Reagan is aided in the quest by a pair of blond brothers (Alex Nicol and Gilligan's Island's Russell Johnson) - one of whom gets himself involved in a rather tiresome romance with destined-to-fail bombshell Ruth Hampton. The film boasts an extremely tense lynching scene, good chemistry between its protagonist and co-star Dorothy Malone, and a refreshingly nihilistic take on the hoary "civilizationist" tropes of the genre. If only Dutch's authoritarian musings had been this world-weary on the campaign trail! 
Bonus: Romy and Gareth go through the entire list of American Presidents (to date) in search of "Big Dick Energy".    

Now is a time for choosing. Choose RED TIME FOR BONZO!

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Intro Theme:

"Driving Reagan" by Gareth Hedges