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Aug 25, 2018

Join Ronald Reagan behind enemy lines in a North Korean prison camp so terrifyingly coercive, even the U.S. Military did not want the public to see it! Filmed with the full cooperation of the Pentagon, the Cold War brass revoked their imprimatur after viewing the final product. You might say this one was declared off-Nimitz, if you were a certain kind of HELLCATS OF THE NAVY-centric punster. 

PRISONER OF WAR actually dares to put a viable socialist critique of the new U.S. World Order in the mouths of its cartoonish villains, demonstrating just how ideologically blinkered North American audiences were (and are). As Rita Hayworth states in the immortal STRAWBERRY BLONDE: "I refuse to listen to advanced ideas!" 

If you're in the mood for pointless 6th dimensional intrigue, laconic Reaganite philosophizing about human frailty, harrowing psychological torture experiments, canines in trouble, a cavalcade of brilliant character actors (Oscar Homolka, Paul Stewart, Henry Morgan) slumming it in the Red Scare District, and a vision of midcentury geopolitics as one gigantic sting operation, this is the one for you!!   

Now is a time for choosing. Choose RED TIME FOR BONZO!

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