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Jul 3, 2018

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Join the Red Time for Bonzo team as they contemplate the Gipper's very first starring role, in an unprepossessing little programmer known, for no particular reason that anyone can fathom, as LOVE IS ON THE AIR (more sensibly aka THE RADIO MURDER MYSTERY). Here we see Warners' crackerjack B-movie "Foy Unit" methods in full effect. Just hired a non-actor whose entertainment experience is limited to radio announcing? Cast him as a radio announcer, surround him with mayhem, and spice it up with a little proletarian animus against the moneyed pigs who run North American business AND crime (as if there's any difference between the two).

Along the way, we discuss child fight clubs and juvenile murderers, the poverty of superhero films (and the optics of quitting them radioactive turkey at this particular moment in media history), and protagonist Andy McCain's matter-of-fact misogyny. 

Listen right to the end in order to get in on the ground floor of our brand new segment: The Joy of AFI Catalog Subject Tags 

You'll hear a couple of minutes' worth of scintillating HELL CATS OF THE NAVY TALK as well, but the meat of that deathless discussion will be headed your way next week, in episode 2B. 

This is a time for choosing. Choose Red Time For Bonzo!

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"Driving Reagan" by Gareth Hedges