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Jan 22, 2021

Paramount, 1935: we have two very unusual and very different movies, which nevertheless share the theme of private worlds and the possibility of communication between them. First up is Gregory La Cava's Private Worlds, about the inner lives of psychiatrists and the permeable boundary between sanity and insanity. It stars Claudette Colbert as Dr. Jane Everest and Charles Boyer as her chauvinistic boss and secret crush. Next, Henry Hathaway's fantasy melodrama Peter Ibbetson, which treats love as a shared mental world in ways that anticipate Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, while the camera falls in love with Gary Cooper's sweaty, suffering face. 

Time Codes:

0h 0m 00s:                              PRIVATE WORLDS (dir. Gregory LaCava)       

0h 46m 40s:                            PETER IBBETSON (dir. Henry Hathaway)



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