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Jul 2, 2021

Our studio this week is 20th Century Fox, the year is 1936; two fascinating movies of dubious historicity (in the details, at least) by the ever-reliable Henry King, possibly Fox's most characteristic director. First up, Ramona, a sympathetic depiction of North American settler colonialism from the perspective of Native Americans (unfortunately, as ever, with white actors--Loretta Young and Don Ameche--playing the leads). Then, the surprisingly engrossing The Country Doctor, starring Jean Hersholt in his career defining role. We discuss the bizarre and tragic real-life story of the Ontario government's exhibition of the Dionne Quintuplets and what the movie gets right about Canadian society. Elise speculates on what Preston Sturges learned about small-town America from two Fox movies directed by Henry King that aren't even set in America, and Dave argues about the progressive influence of Darryl Zanuck on this phase of the studio. 


Time Codes:

0h 01m 00s:                  RAMONA [dir. Henry King]

0h 37m 52s:                  THE COUNTRY DOCTOR [dir. Henry King]

1h 11m 45s:                  Listener mail from Jeff (on Clara Bow series)  


Studio Film Capsules provided by The Films of 20th Century Fox by Tony Thomas & Aubrey Solomon



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* Intro Song: “Sunday” by Jean Goldkette Orchestra with the Keller Sisters (courtesy of The Internet Archive)

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