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Mar 21, 2020

For our first COVID-19-era Lightbox retrospective episode, we look at the enigmatic cinema of Angela Schanelec. We focus on her two most recent films, THE DREAMED PATH (2016) and I WAS AT HOME, BUT... (2019). Then, in our final, presciently-named Fear and Moviegoing in Toronto segment for “the duration”, it's the last Bressons of TIFF's anniversary retrospective that we were able to see (LANCELOT DU LAC, A GENTLE WOMAN, and his only (?) comedy, FOUR NIGHTS OF A DREAMER), plus we celebrate the emotional generosity of Coppola's PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED.


Time Codes:

0h 01m 00s:          Schanelec Prolegomenon

0h 07m 21s:          The Dreamed Path [German title: Der traumhafte Weg] (2016)

0h 39m 13s:          I was at Home, But… [German title: Ich war zuhause, aber] (2019)                         

1h 22m 28s:         

Pre-Quarantine cinemagoing:

Une femme douce (1969); Quatre nuits d’un rêveur (1971); Lancelot du lac (1974) [all Dir: Robert Bresson]; Peggy Sue Got Married (1986/dir: Francis Ford Coppola) @ The Revue


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