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Sep 11, 2015

David and Elise nearly expire on a ludicrously hot Labour Day in order to record our labour of love and bring you our discussion of two spec-fic curiosities from Hollywood's classical era that confirm last episode's Lynchapalooza as central to our topic. We propose DANGEROUS CORNER (1934), based on a play by “time-slip” dramatist and theorist J. B. Priestley, as the missing link between Henry James's weirdo novella The SACRED FOUNT and MULHOLLAND DR; while REPEAT PERFORMANCE (1947), a STAR IS BORN-meets-TWILIGHT ZONE melodrama, keeps us riveted with a central couple that makes Diane and Camilla look like... well, Betty and Rita.


Time Table

0:00 Dangerous Corner

1:01:30 Repeat Performance

2:11 Mailbag!


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