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Oct 12, 2018

Elise and Dave pick up their Perez/Wolfman New Teen Titans reading series with issues #13 and #14 of the first volume - and find the going a little rough. And yet - the lettercols are alive with sound of praise for issue #8's "A Day in the Lives" and the creators promise to tack their narrative characterward from that point on. Thank X'Hal, because Gar turning into a murderous, misogynist dinosaur; Amazonian blood Olympics; Madame Rouge and General Zahl's accents; Mento's Linus-like devotion to his Mento Helmet; and the Potemkin Village setting of Zandia really aren't cutting it. Even the pre-Morrison Doom Patrol only helps so much. Dedicated to  "Rita! My god - Rita! The most beautiful actress who ever lived." 


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Intro music: Debbie Harry - "Comic Books"