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Mar 31, 2017

And so we come to the end of the Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld maxi-series with issues #9-12. How will the undoing of Opal be done? Will even more characters die bleak deaths guaranteed to scar young comics readers for life? Is it wrong for a woman who is mentally 13 years old to make out with a handsome but wishy-washy prince? Does Carnelian's pet snake really like him? Will The Mad Maple return to the letters pages before the maxi-series ends? And will Amethyst choose to stay in the Gemworld or to return home? Find out all of this and more. Or at least, hear us talk about it. And remember, kids, you can still review us under Another Kind of Distance, which is now our “podcasting network” (although, Opal-like, we prefer “podcasting empire”). In your review you can specify, “I like their comics episodes,” or “I like their time travel movie episodes.” Or, if pressed for time, you can just say, “Good,” or, “Pleasant,” or, “Appealing." We will consider it no less than a solid.

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Intro music: Debbie Harry - "Comic Books"

Outro: Ookla the Mok - "Stop Talking About Comic Books (Or I'll Kill You)"