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Jan 31, 2020

A transitional Jennifer Jones episode: from another summary of the Jones persona, King Vidor's RUBY GENTRY (1952), to a new era of filmmaking and a new kind of role in De Sica's TERMINAL STATION (1953). We give our verdict on the director's cut of the latter, the first time either of us has seen it. And in Moviegoing, Elise holds forth on PSYCHO and the Art of Hitchcock, and we briefly discuss Parajanov's THE COLOR OF POMEGRANATES and what's not funny about Lubitsch's THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER.


Time Codes:

0h 01m 00s:          Ruby Gentry (1952; dir. King Vidor)

1h 29m 50s:          Stazione Termini (1953; dir. Vittorio De Sica)

1h 01m 00s:         Winter Cinemagoing: Gone to Earth (1950) at The Royal; Psycho (1960; dir: Alfred Hitchcock), The Color of Pomegranates (1969; dir: Sergei Parajanov) and The Shop Around the Corner (1940; dir: Ernst Lubitsch)



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