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Dec 25, 2017

Happy Holidays 2017 from Dave and Elise!

Reading list:

Amazing Spider-Man #130 (1974)

Christmas With the Super-Heroes 1988 
a. "The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus" (Justice League)
b. "The TT's Swingin' Christmas Carol" (Teen Titans)
c. "Star Light, Star Bright" (Legion of Superheroes)
d. Text page by Mark...

Dec 19, 2017

In their last CASTING FROM THE WRECKAGE episode of 2017, Elise and Dave move from the ridiculous Adventure of the Beard Hunter to Liza Radley's sublime emergence in an impossibly real place. Like issues #29/#30, these two issues show Morrison expanding the scope of his run on the title, veering off into Dave...

Dec 13, 2017

In these issues, Elise and Dave learn that even minions of the Morrison-Industrial complex have shed tears over Laika the Spacedog, Chekhov's Sugar Tongs have their moment in the spotlight, and a certain wax-accoutered individual wafts onto the stage. Elise falls in love with Flex Mentallo and Steve Yeowell's pencils,...

Dec 6, 2017

A couple of crucial issues here, as Morrison kneecaps his ridiculous Mesh/Huss war before it metastasizes into a company-spanning crossover (well, Jane had fun), sends Rhea off on a non-lethal cosmic romp that must have left Jean Grey burning with envy and then yanks a miraculous "Hero of the Beach" out of his copyright...

Nov 29, 2017

While the star-spanning saga of the Hussite-Mesh war rages on, DOOM PATROL readers are treated to the crypto-Lynchian spectacle of the House of Phones, Mr. Christmas avoids meeting the Men in Mauve, and Flex Mentallo gets a makeover. Dave and Elise also bear witness to the unwelcome irruption of the retrograde "culture...